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Zoe’s Journey UK

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Cancer is a word which strikes fear in all of us, whether it affects humans or dogs.   A wonderful lady called Jayne May set up Zoe’s Journey UK because her gorgeous Golden Retriever, Zoe, was diagnosed with Lymphoma.  Thanks to quick action and first class treatment by her vet, Zoe came through and enjoyed a good life.  She has since died of old age.

Jayne made a decision in January 2015 to try to raise £5,000 within a year, the monies to be used to carry out research into cancer in dogs.  She set up a Facebook page and a Just Giving account and all monies raised go to the Animal Health Trust.    The £5,000 was raised in something like five weeks!  The figure is now over £145,000.   An unbelievable achievement.  Every single penny goes to the Animal Health Trust to fight cancer in dogs, all dogs, not just Golden Retrievers.  They have recently made a breakthrough in their research and this breakthrough has been entirely funded by Zoe’s Journey UK.

Cancer affects 4 out of 10 dogs, the older the dog gets, the more likely it is that the dog will be affected by cancer, and it affects 1 in 2 dogs over the age of 10, some make it, some don’t.   A lot of the cancers in dogs are similar, if not the same, as cancers in humans.

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19th June 2001  –  2nd April 2016

Zoe lived a full and active life and passed away in her sleep from a stroke.   A huge loss to Jayne May but what an inspiration she has been to the world of dogs.  Her final major public experience was Crufts 2016, on the settee with Clare Balding, Steve Tasker and Jayne.  She had a wonderful time there, being her usual cheeky self.

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