To buy, or not to buy……


All puppies are cute and purchasing a puppy is an emotional decision. However, you would be better served by making a few ‘head decisions’ before actually looking at a litter of puppies.

Firstly, you need to look at your own life-style and find a number of breeds which fit that life-style.

Then you need to look at each of the breeds individually. How big will the puppy grow? How much does it cost to feed a dog of that size? What are the health issues associated with that breed?

The answers to those questions, and many others, may well have started to narrow the choice.

You also need to look at what the breed was bred to do, what was his/her job? If you choose a shepherding breed, don’t be surprised if he/she wants to round-up the children, or chase cars. If you choose a Terrier, be aware that they love to dig. Hounds will want to follow a scent and Gundogs love to carry things. Some Toy breeds make good companions and a few of the breeds will be excellent at agility. Utility breeds have a range of ‘needs’; from being companion dogs through to working dogs.   Working dog breeds will need a job to do, perhaps you may become interested in one of the doggy sports, which will exercise their brains and energy and give you a whole new sport.

Hopefully, you now have a short list of two or three breeds that interest you. Have a look on the breed club sites for the particular breeds and find out more about them. Find out what health problems they suffer from and the clubs often have a list of breeders who are planning puppies.

Also well worth visiting the Kennel Club website and click on Breeding and then on Breed Information Centre and you will find Find a Breed Suitable for You which may prove helpful. Also, check their information on the particular breeds, for health and for Assured Breeders.

If you are seriously considering one of the ‘designer dogs’ such as Labradoodle, CockerPoo, CavaShon, etc, please remember that they are crossbreeds. You will therefore need to do your health research by looking at each of the breeds forming your particular favourite Cross.

Taking on a puppy is a major life-changing experience for you. Your puppy will need you to be present in his/her life. You cannot reasonably expect a puppy to lay around and sleep all day whilst you are out at work. Your puppy will get itself into mischief! If you are going to be absent for four hours or more, you will need to arrange for people to call in during the day to allow your puppy outside to toilet and to spend time playing with the puppy.

I am more than happy to spend time with you, helping you in any way I can in your choice of puppy and helping you to be aware of what you are letting yourself in for! This service is provided free of charge, although a donation to Medical Detection Dogs would be appreciated.

Happy Little Havanese Puppy Is Sitting In The Grass