Puppy 8 to 12 weeks of age

The time period from 3 to 12 weeks of age is referred to as the Socialisation Period; everything done during this period towards socialising your puppy to everyday household noises, other animals and people, in fact everything that he/she will encounter in life, etc. is     critical in that your puppy is so ready to take on this information relatively easily.  And yet we are restricted to having the puppy grounded whilst he/she goes through the vaccination programme.

But all is not lost.

There is much that we can do, now, whilst it is easy, whilst your puppy is soaking up information and      learning new skills all the time, whether you are      teaching him/her or not.

I can offer you the following bespoke Course:-

  •  A visit to my Fun Way Training Centre at Little     Horwood for a chat, without the puppy.  Subjects such as toilet training, mouthing, socialising and    setting the house rules for your puppy will be discussed. This visit will last from thirty minutes to one hour.
  • First visit to your home where we will start your training. Ideally all members of the immediate family should be present. This visit will last from one and a half hours to two hours.
  • Second visit to your home just before your puppy is allowed out into the big wide world.  We will see how much you have achieved in training your puppy and ascertain what additional help you require.   This visit will last from thirty minutes to one hour.

The total cost will be £95 if you live in Milton Keynes or in a village within ten miles of the Training Centre. If you live outside the ten miles radius there will be an additional charge of £10.

Close-up Of German Shepherd Puppy


Puppy 12 to 18 weeks of age (on first night)

A six week Course is offered at the New Bradwell Community Centre (you have a choice of Tuesdays, Wednesdays or Thursdays).  The Course covers walking on a loose lead, come back when called, sit, down, stand, food manners, grooming and handling, jumping up, wait  and various other aspects of responsible dog ownership.

Having completed your Puppy Course you can then   enrol for further training, perhaps working towards the KC GCDS or APDT Good Companions Awards or our own Mini Tests.  There are also specialised classes from time to time on Rally, Clicker Training or Fun and Games.

A morning Course can be offered at the Little Horwood training centre but we need sufficient interest in order to offer it.

A well-trained puppy knows his place within the family, knows he’s safe and loved, is a pleasure to own and doesn’t present a problem to others.

Your Puppy is unique

Every puppy has a unique personality and temperament and should be treated accordingly.

Please Feel free to contact Evelyn if you need advice on what the best option would be for your puppy.

Purebred Cocker Spaniel